CREEDA is an organization that provides leadership in the effort to develop programs and policies and remove barriers that will result in development of Combined Heat & Power (CHP) projects.

CREEDA is an independent, self-sustaining alliance of industry participants with Pennsylvania industry leadership. The primary issues CREEDA seeks to address are:

  • Awareness / Communication 
  • Long Range Energy Policy 
  • Eliminate Barriers 
  • Data / Information

CREEDA has achieved early success with the Governor's Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission which concluded that:

"The Commonwealth should promote the use of cogeneration technology (Combined Heat & Power (CHP)) through the use of Permit-by-Rule, standardized utility power grid interconnection rules and direct financial incentives."

It is CREEDA’s responsibility to take this positive step forward and build momentum from it to secure support from various policymakers and industry leaders. CREEDA is the organization to elevate Pennsylvania to a position of national leadership in the area of combined heat & power, energy efficiency and ultimately economic development.

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